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Android Development

Build robust intuitive android mobile applications like chat apps, messaging apps, online stores

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  • By Akah Harvey

About this course

Build robust intuitive android mobile applications like chat apps, messaging apps, online stores

Duration: 120 hours

What you would learn

Introduction to Android
Practical : Install Android Studio and Run Hello World
Layouts, Views and Resources
Practical : Make Your First Interactive UI, Using Layouts
Text, Scrolling Views and Resources to Learn
Practical : Working with Textview Elements, Learning About Available Resources
Activities and Intents
Practical : Create and Start Activities
Activity Lifecycle and Saving State
Practical : Activity Lifecycle and Instance State
Activities and Implicit Intents
Practical : Activities and Implicit Intents
Debugging Your App
Practical : Using the Debugger
Testing Your App
Practical : Testing Apps With Unit Tests
The Android Support Library
Practical : Using The Android Support Libraries
User Input Controls
Practical :Using Keyboards, Input Controls, Alerts, and Pickers
Application Menus
Practical : Using An Options Menu
Screen Navigation Part 1
Practical : Screen Navigation Using the App bar and Tabs
Screen Navigation Part 2
Practical : using Toolbar / Navigation Drawers
Screen Navigation Part 3
Practical : using bottom Navigation
Practical : Create a RecyclerView
Drawables, Themes and Styles
Practical : Drawables, Themes and Styles
Material design
Practical : Add cards and use material design color themes
Material Design Part 2: Constraint Layout, Surfaces
Providing resources for adaptive layouts
Practical : Supporting landscape, multiple screen sizes and localization
Testing the user interface
Practical : Use Espresso to test your UI
Testing UI for Multiple Apps
Practical : Use UI Automator
AsyncTask and AsyncTaskLoader
Practical : Create an AsyncTask
Connecting to the Internet
Practical : Connect to the Internet
Broadcast receivers & Services
Practical : BroadcastReceiver
Practical : Notifications
Alarm managers
Practical : Alarm Manager
Transferring data efficiently
Practical : Job Scheduler
Concepts: Overview to storing data
Shared preferences
Practical : Set and retrieve shared preferences
App settings
Practical : Add settings to your app
SQLite primer
Store data using SQLite database
Practical : Save and retrieve data in a database
Content Providers Part 1
Practical : Implement a simple content provider
Reserved Lesson/Tutorials
Capstone 1

Expected Results

In this course, students will be introduced to Android programming and learn to develop Android applications. Topics will include, but are not limited to, installing Android development tools, creating user interfaces, and utilizing location based services.

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